Directions of activity

We began to use energy of wind for the drive in the motion of advertising constructions, but now we are occupied by wind motors for the rise of water from the wells and the bore holes (since 2004), for example for the summer-resort water supply. In this time are tested different constructions of pumps and wind motors, including the Savonius rotor. Transition to the simple sail windmills (patent) and plastic two-bladed propellers (patent) made it possible so to reduce prime cost and complexity of windmill pumps, that make them can everyone by own hands.

 Taking into account this, and also to the complexity of the delivery of aggregates from Kaliningrad region through the numerous borders, we now propose not windmill pumps themselves, but their drawings in the complete set with the installation specifications and operations.  By the way, windmill pumps are not subjects to certification in Russia.

The prime cost based on materials of our windmill pumps does not exceed 140 Euro for the sail and 100 Euro for the propeller.

     The development and building of mini- installations for the desalination of sea water on the basis of energy of the wind and sun is another interesting direction of our activity.

      With pleasure we present the technology of cheap and environmentally friendly country house (Eco-House).  

      Also  now we became the first commercial representative of the brand name TARRAGÓ (windmill pumps) in a Russian exclave strategically good located between Lithuania and Poland.

      We are ready for all kinds of cooperation.

     Very well works the pistonless pump  PLP-60 which has no pairs of a friction and gaskets.

    There has passed tests the windmill compressor. This aggregate is designed, first of all, for aeration of reservoirs to avoid the fish kill. It is suitable also for airlift pump and sewage aeration.

The device of additional storm protection for WmP-200 on the basis of a conclusion of windwheel from under a wind by means of a lateral shovel is designed and checked up in operation.

The prototype #1   and prototype #2 of the future solar pump (solar pumping station), based onStirling cycle for rising of water is tested. I believe that the difference in temperature between sun warmed surface and water from a well (90°C) is enough for pumping of hundred litres of water per hour.

Real self-starting solar stirling pump with heating area of 0,3 m2 was tested. Not bad, but demands 1 m2 area for real purposes.

The mechanical device of autowatering a kitchen garden, considering temperature of air and the dropped out deposits is developed. Does not require an electricity, the accumulator or batteries.

   LEK  wind-water

    engineering bureau

    Kalinigrad, Russia


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